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Some states require professional wrestling licenses to compete in their state. Below you can find the available information for states

requiring licensing, their fees, and where to apply.


Cost: $25 / annual

Fill out application, government ID, and physical. Submit to address on form or process online.

Application          Physical          Online Application


Cost: $40 / bi-annual

Fill out application as well as submit physical and blood work

Application          Physical


Cost: $50 / annual

Submit application with money order, copy of photo ID, copy of social security card, Verification of Lawful Presence form (notarized), medical release form, and a physical


Cost: $25 / annual

Apply either mail or online. Often times you will need to complete a physical on site at the show.

* For online application * You must make an account and add Professional and Business Licensing to your account. Then click access to complete form.


Cost: $10 / annual


Cost: $30 / annual

Fill out application and submit to address on form. Submit physical and blood work directly from lab to commission via fax 405-271-1695

Application          Physical


Cost: $40 / annual

Fill out application and credit card insert form to pay application fee. Mail to address on paperwork. Will receive a copy of your license in the mail.


Cost: $25 / annual

Fill out application, provide a 2" x 2" passport style photo, provide a copy of government issued ID, and pay the application fee

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